We are manufacturers of Filters for compressed air/gases and liquids using Ceramic/ borosilicate filter elements and Activated Carbon.

Fine Filters Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated in April 1986 and is registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra. The main office bearers of the Company

1. Mr. K.V. Sivasubramanian - Managing Director
2. Mr. V.K. Radhakrishnan - Director

1. Pharma and Chemical Industry 5. Marine 9. Processing
2. Food, Beverage and Dairy Industry 6. Electronics and Semiconductor 10. Transportation
3. Industrial Machinary 7. Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals 11. Mining
4. Life Sciences 8. Power Generation 12. Chemical and Refining

Ceramic Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

Steam and Sterile Air Filters

Cermic Pre Filter With Demister Pad Fine Filters compressed Air/GAs Filters consist of a two stage separation_cum_filtration process
Activated Carbon Filters Fine Filters Activated Carbon Absorbers are best suited for adsorption of vapors
of oil
Parker Balston Steam and Sterile Air Filters Remove 98+% of 0.01 micron particles

Membrane Filters

Miniature Disposable Filter Units
Natural Gas Filters
Parker Balston Membrane Filters The Balston GS Series Membrane Filter Cartridges combine absolute membrane filtration down to 0.01 μm, with an integral pre-filter to protect the membrane.
ParkerBalston Miniature Disposable Filter-Units The 99XX-05 Models are the smallest Disposable Filter
Units with 11.7 ml internal volume.
Parker Balston-Natural-Gas-Filters Balston high flow rate compressed gas filters offer exceptionally high efficiency coalescing filtration of compressed gas at high flow rates.
Sample Filters Membrane Air Dryers Dryers for CMM
Parker Balston-Sample-Filters

Balston Gas and Liquid Sample Analyzer Filters protect analyzers from sample impurities by removing solids and liquids from gases with 99.999% efficiency at 0.01 micron


Parker Balston Membrane Air Dryer Balston Membrane Air Dryers combine a superior coalescing with a proven....
Parker Balston Dryer for CMM A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is an instrument that locates point
Compressed Air Filters Compressed Air Dryers Desiccant type Air Dryers
Parker dh Oil X Evolution Filters In today’s modern production facilities, the use of compressed
air is often pivotal to manufacturing processes.
Parker dh Pneudri Air Dryers Moisture is one of the major contaminants in compressed
air systems. It occurs because water vapour present in
the atmosparkerere is drawn into the compressor,
Parker dh Pneudri MIDIplus Air Dryer Compressed air contamination problems can be simply avoided by installing a Parker domnick hunter PNEUDRI MIDIplus High Efficiency Compressed Air Dryer package fitted
Breathing Air Purifiers Filters For Railways CO2 Purifiers
Parker dH breathing Air Purifiers In recent years, employers have become increasingly aware of their responsibility to comply with International Breathing Air Standards.
Parker dh Railway Air Treatment Units The Parker domnick hunter Air Treatment Units (ATU) are compressed air railway dryers fitted with associated
Parker dh CO2 Purification Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is available as a colourless, odourless, non-combustible gas, a heavy, volatile colourless liquid or as a solid in the form of dry ice.
Nitrogen Gas Generators PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators Compressor Lube Oil Filters -15/40/80CN-Series
Parker dh MIDIGAS Nitrogen Generator MIDIGAS nitrogen gas generators from Parker domnick
hunter produce nitrogen gas from compressed air and
Parker dh MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generator MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generators from Parker domnick hunter produce nitrogen gas from compressed air and offer a cost-effective
Parker-Compressor-Lube Oil-15/40/80CN-Series This partial list of applications for Parker “CN” series filters has a common factor, the need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings. Prior to the
H-Series Compressed Air Filters ASME Coded Vessels CNG Filters
Parker Finite H Series Compressed Air Filters Finite Filter's International H-Series is the right solution for most compressed air/gas applications.
Parker Finite ASME Coded Vessel Finite Filter's large capacity ASME filter vessels have been
designed specifically for our coalescing elements and
incorporate large sump capacities
Parker Finite FFC110 Series CNG Filters Finite’s FFC-110 is often used onboard CNG (compressed
natural gas) powered vehicles to prevent contaminants in the
fuel tank from getting into the engine,
High pressure Filters J-Series 5000 psig HP Filters SJ-Series 6000 psi HP Filters
Parker Finite J Series HP Filters High pressure compressors are used in a variety of
Parker Finite J Series 5000 HP Filters Finite’s J-Series is designed to filter contaminants such as rust and
pipe scale, compressor lube oil,
Parker Finite SJ Series 6000 HP Filters This robust, stainless steel filter is rated for working pressures up to 6000 PSIG, which makes this the filter of choice for extremely demanding applications.
Refrigeration Air Dryers Biogas Filters Bioenergy Solutions
Parker Hiross RAD Series Compressed air is a fundamental source of energy for the large majority of industrial processes.
Parker Hiross Biogas Solution Biogas, originating from bio-mass
is gaining increasing worldwide importance
as a recognised renewable
energy source.
Parker Hiross Bioenergy Solution Bioenergy is renewable energy stored in organic materials such as plant matter and animal
waste, known as biomass. The wide variety of biomass fuel sources includes agricultural residue, pulp/paper mill residue,...
Condensate Management Solutions Oil and Water Indicators Vacuum Pump Inlet & Exhaust Filters
Parker Hiross Mechanical Drains The compressed air that comes out of a compressor is generally too humid,...
Parker Oil and Water Indicators Finite’s new disposable indicators are an easy way to detect
the presence of liquid (water or oil) in a compressed air
Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters remove 99.9% of 0.1 micron oil mist and smoke particles.