J-Series HP Filters - 5000 psig

Parker Finite J Series 5000 HP Filters


Why do high pressure systems need filtration?

Finite’s J-Series is designed to filter contaminants such as rust and pipe scale, compressor lube oil, and water from compressed gases. These filters are often used in high pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) systems, not only as inter-stage filters in the multiple stage compression of the gas, but also in the storage and delivery of the gas to CNG powered vehicles.


Finite’s varied media choices remove up to 99.995% of both solid and liquid aerosols, and contaminants as small as 0.2 microns in size. Additionally, cartridges are available with either silica gel or molecular sieve, these desiccants adsorb water vapor, drying the high pressure air or gas. An activated carbon media is also available which removes oil vapor. This stage of filtration is often used as the final filter before the storage of high pressure breathing air used by scuba divers, firefighters, and others that utilize portable breathing devices.




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