Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters


"Fine Filters" Activated Carbon Absorbers are best suited for Absorption of vapors of oils and other organic vapors/odour from compressed air/gases.

A typical compressed air line from a lubricated compressor may contain upto 30 ppm of oil of which about 1 0 ppm may be in vapor  phase .


The bulk of the oil in the from form of fine liquid droplets is already removed in the ceramic pre-filter or a coalescer.


he absorber is fitted with an inlet filter element which not only distributes the air Uniformly over the bed, but also prevents any carbon particles from entering in the inlet line due to any sudden back-pressure.


The air/gas stream then passes though the packed bed of special grade Activated Carbon granules (or pellets in some cases) with high adsorption efficiency. The bed height of the carbon is so designed as to minimize the pressure drop and vapor entrainment at the outlet.