Miniature Disposable Filter Units

Miniature Disposable Filter Units

The 99XX-05 Models are the smallest Disposable Filter Units with 11.7 ml internal volume. These models are used in low flow gas or liquid sampling applications, such as liquids to specific-ion analyzers or gases to personal samplers. The Model 4433-05 has 1/4" and 3/8" barb connections molded into the inlet/outlet ports. The 9900-05 is available with a color indicator that turns red when saturated with oil.

Models 9922-11 and 9933-11

Models 9922-11 and 9933-11 are used for application s similar to the smaller DFUs (Models 9922-05 and 9933-05) which require greater solids holding capacity and can tolerate the increased retention time.

Model 8833-11

These Disposable Filter Units are used as continuou s coalescing filters with a third port serving as the drain, slip-stream, or by-pass port.

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